Possibilities, limitations

Technology has so much potential in so many ways that we are often disappointed when we spot some of the weaknesses. Today I gave a training on using eInstruction's CPS clickers. They a tremendous number of uses from quick formative assessments to making movie watching more interactive. Everyone was interested in the software and equipment.

Unfortunately, there were some limitations. There was only so much equipment to go around. Teachers would have to share. It would also take a bit of work to learn the new software and set up the self-graded quizzes. As a general rule, we don't have a lot of spare time and energy. Then there was the fact that technology could fail.

One of the great thing about teachers is that we are not deterred by limitations. Everyone I spoke to thought of ways to get around the issues. People agreed to swap clickers. It would be worth the time and effort in the short term to save hassle in the long term. And hey- even pens leak and calculators putter out. They could deal with the rare equipment fizzle. That's a great part of being a technology coach. I have the opportunity to work with professionals who are consistently able to overcome challenges. As a friend of mine once said, you can't be a teacher without being able to tap dance.